About us

Our story

Based in the South of The Netherlands, and operating since 1996, we are a fast growing and dynamic organization which is dedicated to the care and protection of outdoor furniture.
The Company's key objective is to attain a position of world leadership of a specific global niche market - keeping outdoor furniture looking 'alive' by giving it long term protection against the effects of rain, sunlight and dirt. Our company is actively engaged in meeting its objective through the development of unique and high quality products which are the best available in the market. We are continually developing new products for our customers.

Staying ahead

The success of our company is based on a high level of expertise in a key area: Research and development of cleaning and protection products. More than 15 years' experience in the development of coatings for automotive and yacht care products using a variety of materials - from polyester to wood, and from metals to teak - lie behind the product development program of the cleaning and protection solutions of Golden Care. Activities in this field also cover on-going research and a commitment to continual product improvement, plus the maintenance of a close awareness of competitive activity. It's this focused commitment and expertise that gives us a competitive advantage.