Our EcoSafe advantage

Most of the others:
hazardous solvents

Some outdoor furniture manufacturers, garden centers or outdoor furniture specialist retailers are still selling furniture care products containing very dangerous solvents / volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The label then often says danger, flammable, corrosive, harmful or toxic. These environmentally damaging solvents (VOCs) are some of the culprits contributing towards the hole in the ozone layer (= greenhouse effect / global warming). Some products also irritate and are dangerous for skin and eyes.

Golden care:
the water-based EcoSafe alternative

Golden Care products are water-based and do not contain hazardous VOCs, helping to provide better outdoor air quality compared to similar traditional Oils & Sealers.
Our products are designed to break down quickly and naturally in the environment. Our upgraded formulas provide the quality performance and commitment to more environmentally responsible products that Golden Care customers have come to expect. Since they are water-based, our products do not irritate the skin and are safe for human beings.